full name tazagul nurlanovna battakova

nicknames taza, tazka

date of birth 21st of june

place of birth almaty, kazakhstan

current residence glen park, san franscisco, california

occupation currently searching

education business undergrad from columbia, masters from kimep

relationship status not looking

languages kazakh, russian, english

religion islam, technically

→ tazi's parents philosophy in life could best be summed up as 'because it was the cool thing'. why did they get married? because it was cool to marry young. why did they have a kid quickly after? cool thing. why'd they name her tazagul? because it was cool to come up with hipster names. why did they christen her even though they were (technically) muslim? it was the cool thing to do.

→ growing up with a year round circus in town, the girl wanted to grow up to be a part of it. that never wavered her entire childhood, though as what in said circus did. it seemed every day, or at least every week, she had a new plan of just what she'd be in the circus. one week a fire breather, next a trapeze artist, then a lion tamer, then some really outlandish ideas, but it was always something. her parents would always just smile, knowing (or at least hoping) that these crazy ideas wouldn't come to fruition.

→ just because something is cool doesn't mean it's right. this became true for tazi's parents who ended up divorced. it wasn't an easy situation for the girl, though looking back now she sees it also could have been much worse than it was. she supposed the tipping point was when her father got a high level position in government that required the family to move from almaty to astana (the new capital). her mother had to leave her job and her friends and that was a strain on her and eventually the marriage. after the marriage, her mother chose to stay in astana for tazi's sake and not much else.

→ the family dynamic would change again when tazi was twelve and her mother got remarried to a kazakh world ranking fighter. the marriage is still going strong. her father has not yet remarried. she remains both of her parent’s only child.

→ her parents, or at least her dad, had big plans for her. it wasn't that he was overbearing, he just had a certain way of thinking. he wanted the best for his daughter and he thought he knew what that meant. sometimes he's been right, other times wrong. he was always willing to change his views if need be. they were, however, what had tazi headed off to america as an exchange student in high school. however, his plan after was that she'd go to university in russia. after her time in america, she decided instead there would be no where else to go to school. she grew a fascination with the place.

→ honestly thought she was bomb at english before moving to the united states. considering she mostly learned the language from poorly taught classes and american rap music, she learned a hard reality when she arrived in america. ask her about the salt incident. after nearly seven years in america she is proud to say that now she really is quite good at english though she'll admit she is strangely better at writing english than she'll ever probably be at speaking it. she's also fluent in her native kazakh and in russian.

→ instead of having what people call a 'resting bitch face' she claims to have a 'resting disgust face' and she likes it that way. she is a girl with many layers and armor she isn't always so willing to dispense with. she's a tough cookie it's true, but inside is a gooey center. the girl's heart is complete mush. she'll act like she doesn't care but anyone who actually knows her will know it's utter nonsense and there's probably few who care more.

→ her dream of becoming a circus performer never did come true. call it her parents doing, or her just growing wiser (or fear of having her mouth set ablaze or being eaten by lions, your pick), but she did finally move on from those dreams to something far more realistic. taking advice from her father, the girl decided to get a degree in business. she chose to study overseas and because of her grads she got a scholarship to columbia business school. so she'd packed her bags for america.

→ while at university in america she met elian and his brother, jairo. through a complicated series of events, she found herself pregnant by the later. when he rejected the pregnancy, she fled back to kazakhstan where she raised the twins that came from it with the help of her parents. early 2018, elian discovered their existence and reached out. over the course of the year they bonded. she agreed to move to america again in order for her children to be close to that side of their family. jairo still refuses to see them. in turn, she does not speak the truth of their parentage. her and elian have agreed to let the world assume without confirmation or denial.

→ worked as a secretary at the kazakh consulate general's office in midtown during her college years. she got the job because of her father's connections. when she returned to kazakhstan she moved into the us consulate. it's never been a job she loved but it paid well. it allowed her to support her children and that was the most important thing to her. now that she’s back she’s focusing on getting her children settled before she begins job searching.

father mother step father children nurlan talgatov, 43, politician gulzhan sharlapaeva, 42, beautician bakytzhan sharlapaev, 47, former pro boxer kuanysh & kulai, 4, heart breakers

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